Free of Shackles (LP; 2012)

by Ryan Simpson

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Recorded from 2010-2012 @ Fat Track Studios, Cincinnati, OH


released October 2, 2012

All music written by Ryan Simpson
All instruments performed by Ryan Simpson
Produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Rob Nadler @ Fat Track Studios

Copyright 2008-2012



all rights reserved


Ryan Simpson Germantown, Ohio

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Track Name: When You Fall
Well, I've heard you brag and I've heard you boast
As you trample the ones who mean the most
I think I'm finally at the end of my rope

Heroes fall and demons rise
While you scrape your knee and cry
For someone to take the blame besides you

You are someone, so complete
You're so damn perfect, you're obsolete
Cast your judgment down upon us all
Until the time comes, when you fall

And it will
Rest assured
Wait and see

One day, son, you will regret
You'll rue the things you've done and said
Standing like some kind of king of men

Something's going to come and knock you down
Tie your hands and your feet to the ground
And rob you of your crown.
Track Name: Jealous Hands
I can read your careless lips
Spouting off lie after lie
Working hard to forget my love
How dare you even try?

Abandon me for the taste of flesh
A fix to get you through the day
Every day I'm losin' grip
I swear I can almost hear you say...

"I don't need you -- it's my life -- goodbye."

Naive eyes blinded by jealous hands
Selfish schemes stifling loving plans
You say that you're better off, well, I hope you're right
'Cause I never want to see you again; get out of my sight

I can see that arrogant smirk
Writhing across your wicked face
And I can almost hear the sound
Of you vanishing without a trace

So just get all your things and go
I'm sick of all this tug of war
I don't care, I'm beyond fed up
I wish you luck, now here's the door

Get lost right now. Time's up. Goodbye.
Track Name: You Think You Know (But I Promise You Don't)
The sun rises and sets another day
Billions will kneel and pray
Anything to aid escape
From the world so cold and gray

We have no need to compromise
We should keep our eyes on the prize
So much wasted on dangerous lies
How can we repay this waste of time?

Do you have the answer?
Do you really think you do?

You think you know, but I promise you don't.

Broken thoughts lead me astray
To your world, so full of pain
Don't try to get me to stay
I could never live that way

We have no need to sacrifice
Human ways for a Sunday vice
Preacher playing teacher, giving costly advice
You want to get to Heaven? Be prepared to pay the price

You call that an answer?

You think I ought to let it go -- don't you see why I won't?

Just as superstitious
As they are malicious
Don't you see how ridiculous
It is to be so credulous?
Track Name: Apostasy
If I crawl in the dark
Spread my secrets and lies
Back against the corner
I can feel your eyes

If I fall in the dark
Will you help me to my feet?
Take my hand and help me stand?
Or will you forsake me?

You know, I need you now
But you're nowhere to be found
Old man, I'm talking to you!
You know, you never come through.

Once the realization comes
That no one's at the end
It all seems to make so much sense
But sometimes it hurts to comprehend

It seemed as though you left me here
Screaming, alone, in the rain
But really, you were never there
I only have myself to blame.

You know, it's over now
Your image, but a shroud
'Cause now I know the truth
No one's there to come through.

I can't feel your presence here
Letting go of guilt and fear
Open eyes
No more lies

Take a breath, boy, and raise your head
It's time to face the truth.
Track Name: Cleaner
You're borrowing a hand from the devil
Lending his hand to the cause

You destroy all the rational
Shushing the realm of reason

Build the scorn
Keep the people warm
Lined up with your vests
You've made such a mess

I think it's time to bust down the doors
It's the only way out
We can't survive any other way
Hurry, before it's too late.

Prisoners of hate
Break through the gates
Everybody make a fuss
Rip the power like they did from us

Power annihilation
Come together
Brother, sister
Mother, father
We must tear down the walls.

You have built the scorn
Under wicked storm
Blood upon our breast
We'll clean up your mess.
Track Name: New Low
How cold you became
And how hard I foolishly held on
How you called me your best friend
The day you wanted me gone

There is nothing left
No kiss, no smile, no empty sex
Nothing but a cold, dark room
And a mind full of countless regrets

Sinking to a new low
(you still have my things, but you don't care)
Drowning in you
(you still wear my ring, but you don't care)
Caught in your undertow
(when will I come up for air?)
I'm sinking to a new low

Come on, baby
Let's fuck one more time
For old time's sake.
I don't even care if you fake it.
Something about how I disgust you
Really turns me on.
Something about how you can't stand me
Really lights my fire.
There's something about the glare you gave me
When I told you I wanted you.
Something about that pitiful stare.
The bitterness in the summer air.

Sinking to a new low
(you still have my things, but you don't care)
Drowning in you
(you still wear my ring, but you don't care)
Held under by the flow
(when will I come up for air?)
I'm sinking to a new low

I can't justify what I'm craving
And I can't deny the breath I could be saving
You just don't hear a word I'm saying
You just don't hear my system failing

Like an anchor to the bottom of the ocean
Like a planet to the heart of its dying sun
I'm sinking to a new low.
How far down will I go?
I don't know.
Track Name: Viet Song
I think I've gone crazy, 'cause the world is getting dim
I fell in love with a girl, but she says we're just friends
I thought I was a boy; it turns out I'm a man
Gonna get me a canoe, gonna row to Japan

Vietnam's over; we're doin' fine.

I think I've gone crazy, 'cause I don't give a shit
Whether I crawl or whether I sit
But I'm still rowin'; gonna make it some day
Gonna be free, gonna be OK

Vietnam's over; we're doin' fine
The newspaper says everything's all right.

I think I've gone crazy, 'cause it won't stop rainin'
I've begun to think, lately, it's 'cause I won't stop complainin'
I am a voodoo doll and the world is the pin
I've got a third eye growin' out of my chin

I think I've gone crazy, 'cause I'm fucking confused
Today I woke up hanging from the same old noose
But I'm still rowin'; gonna make it some day
Gonna be free, gonna be OK

Everyone but me has lost their mind!
Can't you see we're doin' fine?
Our leaders are all sayin' to fall in line
So shut up, everybody! Just fall in line!
Track Name: Savior Poison
Inside, away from the cold
We're all so content in our homes
A bright, colorful screen warms our bones
We're free to do as we're told

Out there, just beyond the walls
All our friends have taken the pill
Just one dose will keep your thoughts still
So you forget the need to think at all

Freedom! Oh sweet freedom.
Here's to America.
Never question
Make no suggestion
Just do as they say.
Freedom! Thank you, Jesus.

In the sky is where the rules are made
Know this and you'll have no choice
Put your heart in Heaven; toss aside your voice
Soon all your instincts will fade.
Track Name: The Sports Racers Vs. The Hard Chargers
Track Name: Burning Skin
Track Name: Free of Shackles
It begins with a virus
And life ends as we know it
Perfect in every sense
I know I'll never forget it

Though I breathe the toxic air
I won't let it consume me
Burning skin become my face
Oh well -- it doesn't concern me

I have no reason to stay
No spirit to guide my way
No blessed thing to lead me astray
I'm free of shackles today

How it ends, I just can't tell
Though I want so much to know
But I'll be fine forevermore
Wherever I must go

And there's nothing left for you and I to prove
And there's nothing we can say or do
And as the sky fades to black from blue
I'm so happy I just can't believe it's true
It's finally true.

Before the walls crumble and take us down
I want to say I love you; I just want to reach you
I'm sorry for breaking your heart; I regret it all
But now that we're at the end of the road, I have to beseech you:
Ignore the screams of terror
Ignore the knell
We're nearer more to Heaven
And farther away from Hell.